A Maskmaking Intensive

Medusa - Arnold Bocklin

Medusa - Arnold Bocklin

Athena & Medusa:  healing the Feminine Split

The myth of Medusa is known by most women. It is especially relevant in the current era of Me, Too.   In this Maskmaking Intensive, we will begin the work of healing the feminine split within a woman’s psyche. Anger and rage, sadness and grief that have not been faced or owned, can wreak havoc on ourselves and everyone around us. Mornings will be spent in exploration and discussion of the mythology, of how Athena and Medusa are so intertwined, and the dreams that come out of our work together. Afternoons will be devoted to consciously working with the energies through body and voice work followed by time to journal, paint, or draw your experience.  The maskmaking process will fill our evenings as the work slowly evolves over two sessions, six months apart, from Wednesday evening to Sunday at noon.

By the end of the first session in the Fall, participants will leave with a blank mask and a preliminary understanding of healing the mind/body split.  The work of Carl Jung and Marion Woodman will guide us as we set out on our journey.  By the end of the second session Spring 2020, participants will leave with a completed mask and a deeper appreciation of the inner allies and worthy adversaries that have been with us on our journeys into the inner landscapes as we make the descents necessary to return with the treasure, the lost soul parts.      

This workshop is designed to allow for the healing of heart, mind, and soul and to practice integration of lost or undeveloped soul parts.  At the end of the series, each participant will come away with a completed mask expressing her own individual material. The process of holding the sessions over two sessions with six months in between allows the participant to ease into the work at a slower pace and encourages the practice of containment during the time in between gatherings. It is a great introductory way to experience the BodySoul training of Marion Woodman, Jungian Analyst, Mary Hamilton, Body Work, and Ann Skinner, Voice Work.

mASKMAKING Series will be held over TWO 4-day sessionS:  

sESSION 1:  April 22, 2020, 6 PM TO sUNDAY, April 26, 2020 1 PM   SESSION 2: October 21, 2020, 6 pm TO sUNDAY, October 25, 2020, 1 PM 

cost:  $600 each session with a $200 Non refundable deposit required to hold your space in each session 

Lodging & Meals:  You will be on your own for meals and lodging. We will provide you with options for both.

Participants:  Maximum 18 Participants allowing for depth and intimacy

pREREQUISITE: For anyone new to BodySoul work, oNE “iNTRO TO bODYsOUL wORKSHOP” is required. Please see the “Intro to Bodysoul Workshop” scheduled for september 21, 2019 for more information. Request more information (see button below).