Mining For Hidden Treasure

Fairytale Mining for hidden treasure.jpg

Once upon a time...  And so the stories begin.  Have you enjoyed fairytales ever since you were a little girl or boy? Have you always wondered if there was a deeper meaning in the stories recorded by the Brothers Grimm or written by Hans Christian Anderson? Did you grow up with Walt Disney's version, frustrated by the thought that every young girl must wait for her prince to come and every young prince must rescue some fair maiden in distress?

In this series, we will explore some of our tried and true favorite fairytales, archetypal themes of development, and the meanings hidden in these ancient stories and teaching tales, how they inform our lives, our own stories, and our path for healing.  This material provides us with the rich foundation to that which subsequently appears in our dreams.

Through group discussion using material of Carl Jung, Marie Louise Von Franz, and Marion Woodman along with dream work, body and voice work, and the creative process , we will begin to understand the developmental processes of our own individual and collective psyches.

Portland, Oregon

Dates: Monthly starting September 2019 through June 2020

Times: 3 hours monthly

Cost:: $50 per Session