Jungian-Oriented Dream Group

Courtesy: www.jungcurrrents.com Image: Odilon Redon

Courtesy: www.jungcurrrents.com Image: Odilon Redon

Our dreams provide us with images, symbols and messages from our unconscious selves. Unfolding the meaning of a dream into conscious understanding provides a rich source of inner guidance, self-understanding and healing.

This soul-centered & educational group is designed for men and women who know there is richness in their nightly dreams. In the safe container of a small group, we will explore the gifts of the unconscious through reading, discussion, and the creative process. Using art, movement and voice we will bring to consciousness the messages we receive from the Dream Weaver.. Participants will be asked to keep a dream journal and bring a copy of The Art of Dreaming by Jill Mellick.

This Dream Group is now forming. It will be co-facilitated by Caryn Aman, MA and Margaret Greene, MS.

Location: The Center for Spiritual Wellbeing, 7100 SW Hampton St., STE 126, Portland, OR 97223

Dates:  First Tuesday is now closed through May 5, 2020.

Beginning: New Dates TBD.

Times: 6-9 PM

Cost:  $50 per Session

Notes: Current Group is now closed. A new ongoing Jungian Dream Group is ripening and will be forming soon. Please contact Caryn for more information.